Product Code FS30
Product Name Forged Metal Buckle - FS 30 - Box of 140 pieces
Size 32 mm (5/4")
Weight 0.1400 KG
MOQ 64
Custom Tariff No. 732690

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 "Forged Metal Buckle" Design Heavy Duty Buckle 

Forged Like a Horseshoe and without welded points (welding might break in high tension circumstances )

Our forged buckles are made of high quality steels and are optimal protection against Corrosion.

The complex and expensive manufacture procedure guaranties highest quality and toughest attributes  

The open structure of this buckle allows to ally the strapping very easy and with-out pre cutting the belts.

This way you save a lot of material and cost.

 Size : 32mm 

 Pieces/Box: 140

Custom Statistic code Tarif Number 7326909000
Place of origin China
Surface Galvanized
Material Special hardened steel
Standard Container
Items per Carton 1
Cartons per Palette 56
Net weight Carton 21.76 KG
Gross weight Carton 22.11 KG
Dimension Carton 26 x 34 x 8 cm ( 0.007072m³ )
Items on Palette 56
Palette size
Total weight per Palette 597.60 KG
File Name Description File Size Mime Type
RoHsMetalBuckles.pdf RoHs Report 275456 application/pdf

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REACH138_METAL BUCKLE.pdf Reach Certificate 276961 application/pdf

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RoHsMetalBuckles.pdf RoHS Report 275456 application/pdf

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SGS Metal Buckles.pdf SGS Report 181799 application/pdf

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REACH138_FORGE BUCKLE.pdf Reach Certificate 308259 application/pdf

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TestReport_FB30FS30.pdf Test Report of FB-30 and FS-30 100096 application/pdf Download