Frequenty asked Questions

          1. Strapping Systems
          2. Dunnage Air Bags
          3. General


1. Strapping Systems

Q:  We have heard complains from customers that the weights or length stated doesn't match with what is delivered ?

Actually we have heard some rumors as well. But for all OEMSERV strapping and lashing belts we can GUARANTEE that all figures stated on our documents will match with what we deliver. Our QC system is one of the most effective in the market. Surely mistakes can happen, but in OEMSERV there are very unlikely.

Q:   Are there many joints/cuts in your rolls of strapping or lashings ?

No, according to our self imposed QC rules only every 10th roll ( 10% ) of one shipment can have one ( 1 ) joint. That's very low.

Q:   What is linear breaking strength and system strength ?

The linear breaking strength (LBS) is tested in our laboratory and measured in daN.  One belt is pulled in a special testing machine to its breaking point.
To calculate the system strength you can use this simple formula.  ( LBS x 2 x 0.8 )   f.e. LBS of 1000 daN provides a system strength of 1600 daN.

Q:   What about problems with delamination of Polyester Composite Strapping?

We do have a very view complains about delamination, overall less than 2%. Regardless this small figure we did investigate each single case.
 As the result we found that in almost all cases wrong buckles or a wrong tensioner has been used. Especially a cheap tensioner with a wrong breakle shoe
 can damage the Polyester Composite Strapping. We highly recommend to use a OEMSERV tensioner since they are especially designed for all our products.

Q:   What’s the life time of the Polyester Composite Strapping?

We suggest to use our strap of within one year since we do not know the weather and storage conditions.

Q:   What is the temperature range for the Polyester Composite Strapping?

Regarding the temperature range we tested from -10 to +80 degree Celsius.
In theory there is no problem down to  -30 degree Celsius, but we never test so low since nobody use the strap in such low temperatures.

Q:   How about the UV protection performance of the Polyester Composite Strapping?

For the UV protection we add a UV stabilizer that does not mean the strap is resistant again the UV but stable for a reasonable time.
We estimate it to be good for 7-10 Years. Since we can not be sure about all this figures we do not recommend the Polyester Composite Strapping
for outside construction.  Beside all this for sure the buckle can not last that long the metal will start to oxide after some time.

Q:   What’s the advantages of using untwisted yarn for Polyester Composite Strapping?

The advantages of using untwisted yarn are :
1) Strength of the yarn is up to 15 % higher 
2) Price of the yarn is lower
3) elongation of the yarn is 5-10% lower , the elongation of the strap is also much lower .

Q:   Do you have AAR certificate for your strapping/lashing belts?

Yes, our most common belts are AAR certified by our USA partner company.

Q.   What advantages does metal strapping 13-19 mm have over polyester composite Strap?

The system strength for Polyester Composite Strap and the shock resistance is much higher .
According to our experiences Polyester Composite Strap is not more expensive then steel or PET if you compare the system strength.
It is safer to use for the people in attach or detach the strap, it is more safe in transport , it does not rust and it can be re-tensioned.    

Q:   What chances do we have to make metal strapping users replace it by Polyester Composite Strap?

World wide we are replacing every day steel strap with Polyester Composite Strap, so there is a very good chance .
Since steel strap is dangerous, harder to handle and less strong in the system.

Q:   Can PET strapping belts be replaced by Polyester Composite Strap?

No, we can not replace PET used in automatic machine. But we can offer a comprehensive range of high quality PET strapping on request.

Q:    Is there any cases when polyester composite Strap 2000 can not replace metal strapping? What are they?

Yes, i some rare cases where buyer need to heat the goods after strapping here we can not use Composite strapping.

Q:   What’s the advantage of the polyester composite strap compare to PET strap´╝č

We compared composite Strap2000, metal strapping and PET strapping in the sizes of 13,16 and 19 mm.
It appeared that Polyester Composite Strapping has best value of breaking strength in each sizes, metal strapping comes second.
Main advantage of Composite compare to PET is the edge Protection and much higher resistance against shock or mechanical stress on edges .
Beside this a PET system can reach 80 % System strength in lab conditions our minimum system strength is 80% usually we reach more then 85 %




2. Dunnage Air Bags

Q.  What dunnage bag is better, paper or PP woven ?

Well, basically it depends on the application. While PP woven bags have many advantages, like cost efficiency, water prove or recycling matters, paper bags are stiffer. That makes them easier to apply in small gaps.

Q.  Do you have ARR approval for you dunnage bags ?

Yes, our medium standard 2ply paper bags are already certified, other models to follow. PP woven bags are under testing right now and approve soon. 

Q:  Why i can not place a dunnage air bag on the container door ?

Because this is very dangerous for those who open the container at arrival. The cargo might have shift a little towards the doors and put enormous pressure to the bags. The doors can “explode” when opening and hurt people.

Q:  What about the filling pressure ?

The average ( working ) pressure is around 0,05 bar. That is usually high enough to secure the cargo.
The max. filling pressure indicates how much the bag maximal can be filled. According to the international shipping safety regulations the burst pressure has to be 3 times higher than the maximum filling pressure for light and medium bags, and 2 times higher for heavy and super heavy bags. 



3. General


Q:  What is your average delivery time ?

Well, that is hard to say. As a manufacturer we do not stock many items. Everything is fresh made when ordered. Since we offer a very wide range of load securing products, we have different production lines with different occupancy. Anyhow our target is to ship any order within 20 working days or less.


Q:   Who should pay the bank charge?

The oversea bank transaction charges of payment we receive from customers should be assumed by customers, since it's stated on our Sales Contract:
"All banking charges outstanding Hong Kong is for the account of the remitter."