Product Code DRY STRIP 1000A
Product Name OEM DRY STRIP 1000A, 1kg (8x125 gr.) starch based container desiccant in Tyvek & PE bag 190 x 1200 mm with adhesive tape
Size 1,0 KG
Weight 1.0500 KG
MOQ 15
Custom Tariff No. 38249099909

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1 KG container desiccant in inner Tyvek bag and PE bag
with plastic hook (double layer) 

Kind of desiccant: formulated desiccant (calcium chloride + modified starch)
Typical Chemical composition:   30% modified starch +70% CaCl2      
Appearance: white powder     Weight: 1050 ±50grams Bag size:

Dimensions:   Length: 1000+/-50mm; Width: 150+/-20mm;  Thickness: 30+/-10mm
Material: Inner bag: heat-sealed Tyvek, 1056D/1059D, produced by Du Pont      
Outer bag: PE with strong plastic hook, about 100g/m2, size: 1200 x 190 mm  
3 sides heat-sealed/sewn

Particle size of desiccant:  0.5-2mm Moisture content: <5% (150 °C)
The adsorption capacity of moisture:   >=200% at 30 °C and 90%RH 

     Storage: Cool dry location, 2 years shelf life

* Each DRY STRIP 1000 can adsorb up to 2 litres water and the weight will become over 3 kg

* Generally, 4-8 bags of DRY STRIP 1000 are recommended for 20 feet container and

   8-16 bags for 40 feet container to  protect against condensation damage in ocean, 

   truck, rail and air shipping container or long term storage. 

* DRY STRIP 1000 with a strong plastic hook and can be easily hanged inside the container

* Do not content any COBALT CHLORIDE (CoCl2) and DIMETHYL FUMARATE (DMF)

Place of origin China
Custom Statistic Code Number 38249099990
Standard Container
Items per Carton 20
Cartons per Palette 63
Net weight Carton 20.74 KG
Gross weight Carton 21.94 KG
Dimension Carton 40 x 40 x 29 cm ( 0.0464m³ )
Items on Palette 1260
Palette size 1240*120*14.5
Total weight per Palette 0.00 KG
File Name Description File Size Mime Type
RoHS report Desiccants.PDF RoHS report by SGS 392890 application/pdf

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Starch Dessicant FDA.pdf FDA Compliance Report for Starch based desiccant 644840 application/pdf

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Reach report Desiccants.PDF REACH report by SGS 391739 application/pdf

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