Product Code LION3671PP75MVL
Product Name Safver Bag PP MV - 90x180 cm, Medium PP Woven Dunnage Air Bag
Size 90x180 cm (36x71")
Weight 0.6300 KG
MOQ 760
Custom Tariff No. 3923.29.9000

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Sav(f)er Bags 

OEMSERV's dunnage air bags are among the best in the market. Driven through our German management and engineering back ground we are determined to produce best possible products, using only best materials to achieve the very best test results. And we are proud of it.

But sometimes .....  good is good enough !

Here is where our new Sav(f)er bags set in. Good quality materials, manufactured in semi- or fully automated machines with a good quality control.
The in-liner (bladder) is extruded of a new technology PE mix, much stronger than the previous one. Therefore we can produce it much thinner.
A Sav(f)er bag's in-liner PP thickness is about 80µ while all our other bags still come with a 105µ in-liner.

That savings in material combined with more automatized manufacturing and a more efficient quality control makes the Sav(f)er bags to
OEMSERV's  most inexpensive dunnage bags ever.

Air Bag
Material Inliner Special extruded PE mix
Material Outliner PP woven fabric
max. filling pressure 18 kPA / 0,18 bar / 2,6 P.S.I.
Valve MEGA FLOW fast filling system
Custom Statistic code Tarif Number 3923290000
Place of origin China
Standard Container
Items per Carton 420
Cartons per Palette 2
Net weight Carton 238.56 KG
Gross weight Carton 252.06 KG
Dimension Carton 124 x 100 x 96 cm ( 1.1904m³ )
Items on Palette 840
Palette size 1240x1000x145
Total weight per Palette 593.20 KG
High Cube Container (HQ)
Items per Carton 470
Cartons per Palette 2
Net weight Carton 255.87 KG
Gross weight Carton 269.87 KG
Dimension Carton 124 x 100 x 110 cm ( 1.364m³ )
Items on Palette 940
Palette size 1240x1000x145
Total weight per Palette 587.47 KG
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PrSpSh_Saverbag_PPM.jpg Spec Sheet Safver PP Level 0 dunnage air bag 230520 image/jpeg Download
Dunnage Air Bags.m4v Video of Dunnage Air Bags 38296578 video/mp4 Download
RoHsWovenBags.pdf RoHs Report 435199 application/pdf

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SGSwovenBags.pdf SGS Report 162636 application/pdf

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REACH138_PP AIR BAG.pdf Reach Certificate 254447 application/pdf

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